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You may prefer to look at some actual printed greeting card samples before ordering.

Can I trust Centreprint to print my greeting cards?

Yes. We are a family business that has been trading as Centreprint since 1978. The MD is Andrew Porter. His mum, dad and his wife all work in the business and together with a loyal and efficient workforce, they all enjoy giving the very best service and seeing the business grow through recommendation.

Greeting card design guarantee - our promise to you

We always send a printed greeting card proof before printing (unless you have requested a PDF proof emailed to you). If you are not happy with the proof, we promise to re-proof until you are satisfied.

Multiple greeting card versions

The prices on this site assume that all the greeting cards are printed the same. If you wish to split the order into multiple designs i.e. 250 off each of two designs (500 cards)or 250 off each of four designs (100 cards) we only charge an extra 10 plus VAT for each extra design within the order. For example, 500 cards using two designs (250 off each) would only cost an extra 10 plus VAT. The option is available at the checkout.

Greeting card Packing

If you are selling your greetings cards, you will want them packed into cello bags to keep them clean. You can do this yourself, using our inexpensive cellophane greeting card bags available at the checkout or we can pack them for you. Either option is available when you checkout.

No extra charges on greeting card printing

We have included high quality greeting cards envelopes and we do not charge extra for mainland delivery. The cards may be printed single sided, which includes anything you like on the front and the back, or double sided which includes print on all four 'pages' if required. There is no extra charge for us to add your imprint, your website details and your logo to the back of the card if you wish. We can also add a miniature 'thumbnail' of the front. If you are selling your cards and they are single sided, we can also add 'this card is blank inside' to the back. Just ask us on the order form.

Can I supply finished greeting card artwork?

Of course you can. Just create the artwork 2mm larger all the way around to allow for 'bleed'. This bleed area should also contain your image, but is trimmed off after printing, so make sure that nothing critical is near the edge. Each greeting card size has an artwork template link below the price grid, which illustrates the size and how to create the layout etc. Our helpful studio team are also very happy to advise if you wish.

RGB or CMYK - does it matter?

All monitors, scanners and camera work in RGB. All printing machines work in CMYK - does it matter? The simple answer is, not really. We will convert RGB files to CMYK before printing. Some colours will change slightly. This is inevitable, whoever prints the file.

Do you charge for greeting card layout and artwork?

Layout and proofing is free, once you have placed an order. It's easy! You just upload your image(s) during the order process, tell us the wording you require and leave the rest to us. We will post a printed proof(s) to you within a couple of days or send a PDF proof by email if you are in a hurry.

How long does it take to print greeting cards?

We work Monday to Friday. Once your order is received, our studio will create the proof(s) and either post them to you by Royal Mail First Class post or email them to you, whichever you have chosen when ordering. This is usually within one to two working days and may even be same day if you order early enough in the day. We will proof and re-proof until you are happy. Once you pass the proof, we will commence production and will despatch the finished cards and envelopes to you within 3-5 working days - often faster. There is no extra charge for mainland delivery.

Greeting Card Creasing

Our greeting cards are supplied flat and creased to fold using a state-of-the-art matrix creasing machine which ensures an accurate crease.


We are very proud of our integrity and in the event of cancellation, we promise to only ever charge you for the work that we have done up to the point of cancellation. Once you have placed an order, our studio will create a proof and post it or email it to you.

If you cancel at this point, we will only charge 10 plus VAT per design ordered. This covers our work in processing your order, creating the artwork, printing the proof and posting or emailing to you. If you cancel after you have passed the proof(s) and before we have started to print, the same charge applies. It is not possible to cancel the order once we have printed the cards.

What is the greeting card surface like

We use the same 330gsm crisp white high quality board for all our cards. However, we offer two finishes. The satin finish cards are printed on a matt surface board and the image area has an attractive satin sheen to it, especially with heavy ink coverage. Our gloss finish cards are printed exactly the same way, then have a thin film of very glossy clear plastic laminated to the outside after printing. This means that the outside front and outside back are glossy, while the inside is still uncoated and easy to write on. If you are unsure which surface you would prefer, please request some printed greeting card samples.

Our board and envelopes

The board and envelopes that we use for all our work is of the highest quality. No natural forests are destroyed in the making of either. Only farmed timber is used. The board and envelopes are made from 100% elemental chlorine free woodpulps, sourced from fully sustainable, carefully managed and renewed commercial forests, where at least two trees are planted for every one felled. The board and papers are fully recycleable and are manufactured to preise and controlled standards BS EN ISO 9001 - 2000 and the environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001. The board and papers we use contain fibre from mixed sources and woodpulps, including a propertion of recycled fibres.

Greeting Card Envelopes

Heavy quality, white, diamond flap greeting card envelopes are supplied with our greeting cards at no extra cost. We also recommend our crystal-clear peel and seal cello bags which will keep each card and envelope in saleable condition.

Colour matching

All forms of printing unavoidably use the CMYK system. This applies to litho, digital, inkjet or even your budget desktop printer. CMYK has a very narrow range of available colours especially when compared to you television, digital camera or computer monitor. WE will happily accept RGB files but but the final colours may be different to those shown on your monitor.This is unavoidable and is why we send you a hard-copy printed proof. If colour is critical to you we will try to match as closely as possible but for this we need a hard copy print to match to. For obvious reasons it is not possible to match an on-screen image as monitor colours vary wildly. For this reason, whoever prints your image, colours can never be as bright as they appear on screen.

Our greeting card design archive guarantee

Our FREE archive service is available to all greeting card publishers, however small. After your initial order(s) we guarantee to archive each item for at least 10 years with our onsite archive AND in our offsite safe and secure storage system. There is no charge for this service and you will be able to re-order at any time. In reality, this means that greeting card publishers can trust us to hold 'virtual stock' for them. There is no minimum order quantity for each design. You just pay the standard rate for the quantity that you are ordering. For example, Assuming that we hold, say, ten of your designs in the archive. Some will sell better than others, naturally. So you order say 200 cards at the standard price. You can request 40 off one design, 30 off another, thirty off another and 100 off yet another. You only pay the standard 200 card rate yet receive exactly what you need. This will help you grow your business economically.

Selling your greeting cards for a profit

Greeting cards are eternally popular and profit margins can be excellent. Attractive cards sell well and may incorporate your drawings, paintings, photographs or artwork. If you are offering greeting cards that have a local theme, they should sell well in local pubs, post offices, fuel stations, general stores, tourist attractions and garden centres. Consider offering to keep them stocked on a sale or return basis and pop in regularly to keep the stock levels correct. Package each card and envelope in a cello bag to keep them clean and fresh. In this way you can sell the cards elsewhere if you get any returns. If you are a club, school, church or charity, make sure that you tell all friends, members, teachers and pupils that you are selling cards. Most people buy dozens of greeting cards each year (the average is 88 cards per person and this does not include Christmas cards). Women buy most greeting cards so make sure that your designs are attractive to them.

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Why not ask for some greeting cards samples?

If you are not sure of the size you require or if you want to see what our quality is like, please request a sample pack here