Printed and Personalised Bookmarks

Everyone appreciates a printed bookmark. Use for book promotions, gallery launches weddings, funerals - anything!

Why does everyone appreciate a printed bookmark?

A printed bookmark is such a very useful thing. While people may quickly throw away a leaflet or business card, almost everyone has lots of books where they will find a bookmark useful. Printed bookmarks are an ideal way of announcing something, such as a book launch, a gallery opening, an upcoming wedding or even to remember a loved one.

What are the uses of a printed bookmark?

There are many uses for a printed bookmark. Book publishers use them all the time to promote a new book. Art galleries and museums use them to publicise a showing and many galleries and museums also sell them at a profit. A printed bookmark is a "must have" give-away at a wedding and they will be kept and cherished for many years to come. Even at a funeral, a bookmark, perhaps with a small photograph of the dearly departed is a lovely way to celebrate the life of someone special and will also be kept a very long time.

Are printed bookmarks expensive?

Quite the contrary. Printed bookmarks are remarkably inexpensive. As an example, 250 bookmarks (our minimum) cost less that 15p each all in. There is NO extra charge for delivery OR for VAT and NO setting up costs at all. You can order easily online and get an INSTANT free proof, without any obligation at all. The prices are low because you create the artwork yourself, online, in any one of hundreds of popular design programs, then upload a PDF to us to be printed.

Why not see how very easy it is to create a printed bookmark - there is no obligation to order